Editorial Portrait Photography Workshop

One-Day Workshop (2 x 2 hrs)

How to approach the commission to take portraits of

  • a subject, you have never met

  • using available light only (no flash)

  • with time restriction of 20 min to create 2 portraits


  • Sound technical background

  • Good quality camera (preferable DSLR or Mirrorless or SLR or rangefinder camera)

  • Understanding of psychological impact of different lenses

  • Maximum lens aperture f/1.8

  • Manual exposure availability

What will we cover:

  • Participants introduction

    • Understanding of portrait photography

    • Expectations from the workshop

  • Understanding of exposure delay and its importance for portrait photography

  • Creative use of available light and exposure

  • Brief outline of editorial requirements

  • Ability to create an effective rapport with your subject

    • Sensitivity to the subject’s personality and emotions

    • Gentle steering of the interaction to achieve the desired body movements

    • Maintaining effortless relation with the subject, while controlling all technical aspects “behind the scenes”

  • Individual sessions

  • Brief assessment for each participant in front of the group

    After the workshop, you may send me a single portrait for individual critique

The fee is £175 for a Workshop to be conducted on

location in central London

Date January 2020 (date to be set)

6 places per workshop

Bo Lutoslawski tel 07847952046 bolutos@gmail.com

A single, original session may produce images for all types of functions like:

a poster, a coin for normal use and a book cover

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