Bem La Hunte

Bem La Hunte

Stay observant, truthful, honest, instinctive and – above all – fearlessly creative

We take portraits of people we care for, who are special to us, because for most of the time they are somewhere else. We want to remember their presence and the wonderful moments we shared together.

Unchanged by passage of time, the photograph fixes forever an image of their characters, their smiles, glances, gestures, allowing us to instantly recall everything that was going on at the time it was taken –the tone of their voices, the whole ambience of that day.

An American photographer, Irving Penn, once said that what people hide behind their masks during a photographic session is usually more interesting than they themselves believe. So Penn worked with his models slowly and kindly, patiently coaxing out their inner qualities and complexities and creating amazing portraits in the process.

But I do not have the same luxury of time, so I rush my models to open up as soon as I look at them through my lens.